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The Keystage links and search engine on this page will help you find web pages for your area of interest that are available. To use the search engine please enter words of 4 characters or more, with a space between different words, in the box below. This will return web pages which contain all the words you list, it does not recognise words such as and, or and not. You can also click on the Keystages or subjects listed below, to be taken to a list of useful web pages for that area.

Home / Keystage 3 / History

A Brief Visit to Russia
From a two-week tour of Russia I took with some Russian friends in late 1993.
Last Modified: Mon Nov 27 02:47:58 1995
A-Bomb WWW Museum ~ June,1995
A well constructed Japanese site which aims to provide all readers with accurate information concerning the impact the first atomic bomb had on Hiroshima.
Last Modified: Mon Jul 10 05:56:00 2000
An Introduction to WWI Poetry
This introductory site includes poems and bibliographies from poets such as Wilfred Owen and Edward Thomas.
Last Modified: Fri Nov 19 15:23:04 1999
Antarctic Philately
This site is dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic explorers of the great White Continent. Useful reference material for students researching the history of early exploration in the southern latitudes.
Last Modified: Sun Jan 9 02:44:42 2000
BBC Online Homepage - Welcome
This BBC site lists the hundred most significant writers, painters, architects, film-makers, designers, sculptors and poets of our century. Well worth a visit.
Cadbury's History
An interesting glance at the past with photographs and details of chocolate manufacture.
Last Modified: Fri Jun 16 11:37:24 2000
Daily Life Ancient India
What did the ancient Indians wear? What did they eat? Did kids play with toys? Did they go to school? This site shares daily life in three major time periods of ancient India history; the mysterious and so cool Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedic & Epics Periods, and the Age of Empires.
Last Modified: Tue May 1 08:37:19 2001
DuSable Museum of African American History
America's foremost museum of African American history. Founded in 1957 by Dr. Margaret T. and Charles G. Burroughs on the south side of Chicago at 3606 S. Michigan Ave.
Last Modified: Sun Apr 29 16:10:23 2001
Guide to Life and Times of Napoleon Bonaparte : Napoleon Guide : History Resource :
The Napoleonic Guide. Napoleon Bonaparte - his Career, his Opponents, his Marshals, his Loves, His Maxims, his Will, his Family.
Last Modified: Mon Apr 23 08:04:37 2001
Index of /
Indian History - A passage through time, good.
MMBC Schoolnet: Exploration Gateway
World exploration and discover the Last Frontier. From 14th to the 8th Century. Nice illustrations and easy to follow.
Last Modified: Sun Mar 4 21:43:03 2001
REPOhistory on the Web
REPOhistory is a collective of artists, activists, historians, educators, and activists who create public arts projects that exhume lost histories and provide new contexts for understanding the present.
Last Modified: Wed Jan 19 18:51:47 2000
TechKids: History and Geography for Kids on the Web
TechKids is an online technology education lab for children. We offer researched links in fun formats for kids to explore the wonders that await them on the web. This site is sponsored by The Technology Education Home Page and is run as an Internet Community Service.
The American Experience Wayback - Stand Up For Your Rights
Wayback: U.S. History for Kids including: Buzz, Stand Up for Your Rights, Religious freedom and Women and the vote.
The National Archives Learning Curve
An educational resource provided by the Public Record Office covering key elements of the history National Curriculum, Key Stages 2 to 4. (A teacher's resource pack to support this site is available from the Public Record Office.)
Last Modified: Mon Apr 23 11:57:15 2001
The Viking Network
An excellent site. Lots of information, good graphics and easy to move around. This is a very good resource for KS2 and KS3. Messages from Odin will help!
Last Modified: Mon Apr 30 13:16:20 2001
ThinkQuest Library of Entries
ThinkQuest is an online program that challenges students, educators at all levels to develop educational Web sites for curriculum and staff development
Vast amount of information, photos and plans of welsh medieval castles.
Last Modified: Sat Sep 6 23:54:05 1997

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